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You Took MY Bride

by Jim Mall

woman wearing white sweetheart-neckline wedding dress inside vehicle

Big debate on one of the message boards I post at from time to time. The question at hand? Is it OK to game another guys girl?

I have the answer to this stored away in my vault of macking, but I think it's time I open it up for a brief moment:

One thing that you guys have to understand, is that brides do the choosing. If your chick leaves you for another man, it's not his fault. If she likes him, she likes him. I don't think many of you understand the system and how it works.

A woman, she is always looking to upgrade to the man that is the most beneficial for her and her offspring. The alpha male. Beta males, I think they know this, and instead of placing the blame on themselves for not being a natural born leader, they blame the alpha guy for "taking" his girl.

To give you two examples. One being marriage and social labels. Some tend to think that marriage in western culture was invented to benefit the woman. Wrong. Think about it. The beta male knows that his woman is looking to upgrade to an alpha, so in order to keep her in check, laws were invented to discourage her from leaving.

And if you look at recent times, where most of those discouraging laws were lifted, you can see the divorce rates shoot up, due to the fact that brides have more freedom to leave their man for an upgrade. One of those comparatively recent laws being that brides are allowed to earn their own income.

In the past (pre-World War 2), if you were a woman, and you got caught having an affair, you were fucked. Not only financially, but with social labels as well. You were considered to be a whore and were shut out from society.

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The second example, being a guy like me. An alpha. If you know my history, then you know that many of the woman I get, are brides that my friends like, and may have met first. I didn't "game" these girls, they just chose to be with me due to obvious reasons. These girls came after me.

Is it my fault that brides like my personality and that I'm a natural born leader? No. Is it the girls fault for wanting what's best for her? No. However, beta males need someone to blame, so they blame the alpha for being an alpha, in most cases.

Being an alpha, I will tell you right now, that if you are a powerful man, no matter how many guys "game" your girl, she isn't going anywhere unless she was already looking to upgrade in the first place. I have NEVER had a girl leave me for another man.

You can tell who the beta males are. These are the ones who invent fancy propaganda like "It's all about respect man." in an attempt to keep his girl from leaving him. It's no different than the social labels that betas gave brides if they cheated. They used God and labeling as fancy propaganda.

Betas invent the fancy propaganda because they know that it will be difficult to find a replacement if his woman leaves him for an upgrade. A true alpha doesn't care. Why? Because he knows that his girl isn't going anywhere, and if she does, he knows that he has other brides lined up.