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Dating Tips: Why You Shouldn't Show Emotion

by Sam James

I think that I’ve finally pinpointed why I’ve always been successful with women throughout my life, even before I had any formal game. An overwhelming number of times, I’ve had women come on to me, even moreso than guys that you would consider more physically attractive than I am.

In those other posts, I mentioned a few women saying that I’m impossible to read, I look like a cocky guy, and that I come off as very aloof although I am just being who I naturally am. As I got to thinking about the nights where I am being my normal introverted self, and it being almost too easy to pick up women, and other nights when I’m actually making an effort, it really started to become clear to me.

Take a look at guys picking up women--whether they’re pick-up artist’s, players, or other guys--and tell me the one thing that they all have in common. This is the one thing that I don’t do when I’m being my natural self; usually when I have girls in reserve and I feel like I can relax. The aforementioned men all smile and show a lot of emotion--the "oh baby!!" attitude comes to mind--when they approach and talk to women.

All of our lives, we are taught that you’re suppose to greet people with a smile, even when we’re approaching women, but what I’ve come to find, is that when you smile during an approach, you devalue yourself. When women are use to men approaching them with these cheesy ass smiles, not smiling during an approach is a display of high value; especially when she smiles and you don’t.

It’s as if your are communicating that not only are you cooler than all of the other guys that approach her, but when she smiles and you don’t, you are indicating that you are cooler than her as well. Not smiling says that she is not having an emotional effect on you and that you are not seeking to impress. Almost immediately, these women are going to be a little intrigued and see you in a different light than all of the other guys that approach them.

Combine this with not showing emotion throughout, and you are going to drive women crazy. They're going to constantly be thinking "Does he like me?", "Is he mad at me?", "Does he think I'm weird?","Am I doing something wrong?", "Does he not think I'm sexy?", etc. She laughs? Show no emotion. She rejects you? Show no emotion. She gets excited? Show no emotion. She tries to arouse you in any way? Show no emotion. This worked on Mahal, The Bolivian chicks, Blue Eyes, Cornfed, Sex Lips, The Lesbian, The Italian, Broadway, Appleface, The Brit, Barbie Doll, Freckles, and a countless number of other women that I didn’t give names to or aren’t on the blog.

You are cool. You are different. You are a mystery. You are “better” than her. You are not seeking to impress. There is just so much value when you hold your emotional cards close to your chest and are unwilling to reveal them anytime soon, whether they‘re friendly, positive, negative, or whatever. Not showing emotion will attract women like flies on shit.

On a side note, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t talk. I’m saying that you should just relax when speaking and not be so eager to smile, get excited, frustrated, or angry in any visible way. Nor am I saying that you should look mean; just very relaxed and non-emotional.

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