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This Is Who I Am (Over The Top)

This post represents why I can go out and completely dominate social interactions and have mature women chasing me around all night long. I didn't include this in The Loveawake Method simply because I didn't want a bunch of guys running around trying to act like me. Look at this as something that you can use to enhance your game once you get The Loveawake Method down, and if this fits your personality. Not every guy can successfully pull this off. The only other guy that I've met who does this as good as I do, is Puerto Rico.

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The first part is ALWAYS getting in the last word and having a creative witty comeback to say. You see this littered all throughout my stories. This takes LOTS and LOTS of practice. However, once you get it down, mature women will absolutely love it. I'll give a few examples:

Example 1)

Girl: "Did that hurt?"

Me: "What? When I fell from heaven?"

Example 2)

Girl: "You drink fancy beer."

Me: "I can't help it if I'm not poor like you."

Example 3)

Me: "Remember that old mummy guy you brought fucked awhile back?"

Flattybuns: "He wasn't old!"

Me: "That guy looked like Smithers boss. That guy from the Simpsons. Ol' dusty dick motherfucker."

And I begin to replicate Mr. Burns voice...

Me: "Smithers."

And I start laughing...

Flattybuns: "He wasn't old, asshole."

And I start patting my hands on my legs really hard to simulate what it sounded like when they were fucking...

Me: "Poof!"

And I start moving my hands ass if his dick just exploded and turned to dust. Flattybuns just starts yelling...

Flattybuns: "I get more ass than you do!!!"

Me: "Well, that's because you're a whore."

Example 4)

Hollywood: "Omari, you narcissist bastard!"

Me: "Don't be jealous because over the past few years, I got hot, and you got not."

You can see that during everyone of my interactions I always try to respond with something funny or witty. That drives mature women crazy in a good way. Intelligence is one of the most sought after attributes in a man, and this is how you display it without actually bragging or going out of the context of the situation at hand.

The next thing that I do, is I always do what mature women tell me not to do. For instance, if I ask for a sip of a girl's drink and she tells me "No", I take a sip anyway. If a girl tells me not to walk up to somebody and say something, I do it anyway. If a girl says that I can't kiss her, I try to kiss her anyway. Not only is it very amusing to her, but it shows her that you really don't give a shit about what she has to say and you're not going to follow her little orders and demands. Mature women eat this shit up, especially when you do it with an "eat my ass" grin on your face.

And the final part of who I am, is I ALWAYS do shit that the normal guy wouldn't do. This causes mature women to think "OH MY GOD, he's really doing it!"/"Did you just see what he did!?". For instance, I might walk up to a completely strange girl, and go in for a kiss as soon as I introduce myself. In another example, I might cut right in front of a girl in line at a bar. This causes mature women to just say "Wow, I can't believe that this guy has the audacity to do what he does". In one instance, Puerto Rico actually dumped a girl in a dumpster. Here's an example from my blog:

Party. The line for beer is too fucking long for me. I am a king. Kings don't wait. I see what looks like a box of Miller Light on the ground. I kick it a little. Heavy. Kick it again to verify. I reach down, pull out a 16ouncer. Jackpot.

The guy sees me lifting up slowly with it. I get ready to crack it open, all while he is looking dead at me. I don't think he can believe his eyes. I'm stealing his beer right in front of him.

And this is how two girls who saw me do it later responded:

Two lonely looking girls. You know I gotta talk to them...

Girls: "There he is!"

I talk to them...

Girls: "We saw you take his beer. That was hilarious, especially when you kicked his box!"

I do this shit ALL THE TIME, and it exemplifies the "meat" of my personality. For an added dramatic effect, I'll do it in slow motion to let it sink in that "Yes, I really am doing it" to whoever might be watching me. Again, there are three parts to what I do that makes mature women want to keep me around and chase me everywhere I go:

1) Creative witty/smartassey comebacks for EVERYTHING that they have to say.

2) I always do what mature women tell me not to do.

3) And I always try to do what I know normal guys wouldn't even attempt to do.

This is who I am. Those three traits will make you ridiculously attractive to mature women.